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Atmospheric Effects for Electric Firing with Steven Hill, Pouring Vessels - Bowls - Cups - The Bascom Center For The Visual Arts, Highlands, NC

Description: Steven Hill will discuss his philosophy on making pottery, wheel throwing, assembling and decorating the forms and techniques that he is well known for.  The focus will be on spouts, handles, form, surface, and the relationship between these elements.  Steven will demonstrate pouring vessels, bowls, mugs, yunomis and other forms over the course of the week and students will concentrate on the forms that inspire them most.

When glazing, Steven will address ways to achieve the kind of richness and surface variation in electric kilns that potters have come to associate with reduction firing.  The goal is not to imitate reduction, but to set the stage so that multiple layered glazes can interact with each other in the firing.  The basic techniques of spraying and the more advanced theories of layering and blending glazes will be addressed.  We will fire at cone 6 oxidation.  Steven's glazes will be available to use, but students will be encouraged to bring recipes and small containers of glaze to experiment with.

This will be an intermediate/advanced workshop.  Steven is a thrower and his demonstrations will be about throwing and assembly, but hand-builders are welcomed as well.  Students are encouraged to bring a few small cone 6 to 10 porcelain or white stoneware pots (bisque fired) with them, to glaze fire early in the week