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Throwing Relaxed Gestural Forms, Alison Palmer Studios, Kent, CT

  • Alison Palmer Studio Kent, CT (map)

Cost: $400

As intermediate throwers hone their skills they often begin to show an affinity for working more precisely. Precision throwing can lead to sublime beauty or to mechanical repetition that leaves pots a bit stiff. As potters develop their eye along with their technical skills, they sometimes yearn to make forms that breathe – pots that look as though they are still soft after they are fired. 

This workshop will be structured for the potter with basic throwing skills, who would like to make more relaxed forms that feel more gestural. You won’t be encouraged to unlearn any of your hard won technique, but rather to expand the ways of gently altering thrown forms. 

We will start with drinking vessels and bowls before moving on to larger and slightly more complex forms. Bisque firing will be available for pots you’d like to take with you.

Preparing for the workshop – Items to bring with you.

  1. Bring all throwing and trimming tools you want to work with. Specific tools I suggest are:
    1. Kemper S4 Stainless Scrapper – This is absolutely essential and their similar shape, S3, doesn’t cut it!
    2. Red Mud Tool ribs
    3. Curved rib for shaping bowls
    4. Slip trailing bulb if you have any interest in slip trailing. I prefer an enema syringe (available from Amazon
  2. Throwing bats and possibly ware boards if you will be driving
  3. Plastic wrap for covering pots
  4. Alison can order clay for students to purchase, but if you want to use your own body you should bring it. If you will be ordering clay through Alison make sure and give her a months notice. I suggest a smooth textured clay for the kind of alterations we will be doing. I will be using Porcelain.
  5. This class will NOTinclude a glaze firing, but bisque firing will be available for those who plan on taking the work they produce with them.