Steven Hill workshops can be demonstration or participatory and they can be anywhere from 1-2 day up to 2 weeks in length.

His basic 2 day demonstration workshop covers everything from throwing to glazing, with time spent on his philosophic approach to making functional pottery. Click on the link for details about hosting a Demonstration Workshop.

Steven also occasionally teaches 2 day workshops that are a combination of demo and participatory, that can be adapted to the needs of a particular group.

Since 2009, Steven has taught many participatory glazing workshops for electric firing, in which students bring bisque ware to glaze and fire. These are 3 days in length, with Steven throwing and assembling on the first day. On day 2 he lectures and demonstrates spraying techniques in the morning, with students glazing in the afternoon. Electric kilns are then loaded and fired overnight. On day 3 he lectures about spraying equipment, firing cycles in computerized electric kilns, further experimentation on spraying and layering and lowering ^10 glazes to ^6.  The workshop concludes with the unloading of kilns and talking about the glaze results. These workshops cover all aspects of  how to achieve rich and varied surfaces and colors in an electric kiln. Click on the link for details about hosting an Electric Firing Workshop.

Steven is also available for 1-2 week full participatory workshops, which include everything offered in his electric firing workshops, after 3 days of making pottery. These workshops usually concentrate on a narrow range of forms to encourage students to explore form in greater depth. Past workshops have had the following themes: Pouring Vessels and Cups, Covered Jars, Bowls, Plates and Platters, Dinnerware, and Teapots. Click on the link for details about hosting a Full Participatory Workshop.
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